Easter has passed, and unfortunately, with it the memory of what the cost of the resurrection really was. I wrote this a while back, and want to share it with you.
A couple of months ago, my pastors’ sermon started  with a bit about John 3:16.  This  got me to thinking about how well known this verse is, and wondering how well it  was understood. I wondered what would happen if I put the words- “For God so  loved the world, He gave his only begotton Son…” – into a modern context. It  went something like this.

 Hey, Son. What’s up?

 Oh, nothing much. What do you  need?

 Well, I have all these people down here that aren’t doing   right.

 What can I do to help?

 I need you to come on down and help me save  them.

 That would work, I just got a new suit with an awesome hat I want  to wear.

 I think I’d dress down if I were  you.


 Well, when you get here they will arrest you, give you a bogus  trial, and sentence you to death.


 That’s not all. You’ll be forced to carry a heavy cross across  town to the top of a hill, while people throw rocks at

 Double ouch!!

 Yeah, they’ll take your clothes and gamble for them. Then a crown of really sharp thorns will be pushed on your

 Gee, you sure make this sound like so much fun! 
Have I told you that they will nail your feet and hands to the  cross and raise it up, leaving you to  die?


 Will you come?

 Yes, Father. I will be right  there.

Stop and think about the tremendous sacrifice that both God and  Jesus made. Could you, would you ask your son to do this? 

Would you agree if YOUR Father asked the same of  you?

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