The adventure of starting a brand new blog brings with it great responsibilities.  Just what does one post, to set the tone and encourage others to want to read it, as well as future posts. I have finally decided on the following. I hope it blesses you. I must add this disclaimer, though. Any mistakes are mine and mine alone, and all glory goes to God. If you wish to share anything I write, please do so. I only ask that all credit goes to God, as I need none, for I am but a simple messenger.
A while back, I was driving my beautiful wife, Debbie, to the doctor. On the way, we tuned into a random christian radio station. This is what I have chosen to share with you.
  The story was about a small church in a medium sized town that suffered from poor attendance. Unfortunately, a fire broke out in a back room during a Sunday service. As the members fled,  the deacons grabbed something to carry with them to save. Among these items was a rather non descript, if not ordinary picture of Jesus. Of course, a crowd of curious onlookers gathered, to 'see the show'. The fire department responded and put out what turned out to be a small blaze in a closet. Slowly, the congregation went back into the church, one by one. Yet the rather large crowd stayed, seemingly transfixed by the simple picture of Jesus. The pastor, a grizzled veteran, asked why they were so amazed by the picture, as it had hung in the foyer for all to see for many years. After a short pause, someone said, "this is the first time you have brought Jesus out into the street."
  If there is a moral to this story, it is this: If you want the many, rather than the few, to know about Jesus, the church (that's me and you, bubba) have to get Jesus out in the streets where He can do the most good.
Danny Hensley

Great story thanks for sharing.

Peggy Danner Weirick

That is the problem with too many Christians today. We seem to be content with just attending church and praying and thinking that is all it takes when we need to get off our backsides and taking it to the streets


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