Long ago, I learned that there were seven deadly sins. You know, the biggies like wrath, greed, sloth, pride, lust, envy, and gluttony. After I looked and saw that I haven't posted in almost a year, I decided that there is an eighth- procrastination. Yep, I'm guilty as sin....that's a joke, folks. 

   It's not like I haven't been on the road, reflecting on life, and other good stuff, or that God hasn't put anything on my heart to share..... I've just been a dirty, rotten procastinater.  I've even procrastinated about this entry about procrastination.  GASP!! Oh the Horror!!  Say it isn't so!

  As I move through life God puts things on my heart to share, so that one person, or group receives His word. When I fail to pass along that message, I have disobeyed God, hence the sin. Perhaps, the procrastination was to give me the reason for this entry, so...I don't know!!

  Some of you my find this to be a little preachy. Please forgive me for that, as I try not to be that way, but this has been heavy on my heart lately.

  At any rate, here is what I wish to share with you - Life is fleeting. We do not know, with any certainty what lies before us each day. Recent events in Boston show this to be so very true. A trusted advisor, known as El Pastor Viejo (The old preacher) recently shared on his facebook page the thoughts of one of his parishoners. In short, it said that God had laid upon her heart that the rapture was imminent. So, those fellow procastinators out there, get it in gear! If you don't know GOD, look into your heart and find him. He is there, I promise! Don't let the layers of life get in your way. Like an onion, peel away all the petty things (that you probably think are important) and understand that God LOVES YOU unconditionally, no matter what you have done in or with your life. Jesus died on Calvary's cross to give us this. Don't waste this precious gift.

  Christians - we are the church. Each of us has a ministry to share what we know. PLEASE, don't commit the 8th deadly sin!

  Don't think this is only about God. We all have things that we have put off doing, or saying. Whether it be telling someone how you feel, or righting a wrong in your life, Do it. Just do it.

  So there isn't any misunderstanding, I love each and every one of you, friends, family, aquaintances and even enemies alike. Life is too short to carry grudges and hurts.

Be blessed!               

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