I was in my favorite store recently, when a young family was blocking the way. The mother looked up and told her children, “Move over, kids, and let the old man by.”

Old man, indeed!  I looked at them and just shook my head in amazement, and drove the power cart  around them.  Why, I’m not so old, am I? I decided that there must be a test I can take.  I mean, you can find anything on the internet, can’t you? But to my dismay, I could find no such thing.  So, I
did what any young, er, mature guy would do. I made one up. Of course, I knew I had to share it with you. Here goes.

You’re only as old as you feel.

I woke up this morning, feeling pretty good. Then I tried to get up.  Let’s see…Back didn’t hurt…too much…knees didn’t lock up – well both of them  didn’t.

All your senses are alert.

My wife said something as I was getting up. I put my hearing aids in and  asked her to repeat it.  She asked
me to fix some breakfast, I agreed. When it was ready, I put my teeth in and we enjoyed a good meal.

Your body is firm and  youthful.

Hmmm… Hair is grey, skin is wrinkled, I have a spare tire big enough for  a semi truck.  Doesn’t look good
for me.

As you get older, you get wiser.

Score one for older, wiser, not so much. That’s a plus,  right?

All this is, of course, in jest. There is no test to determine if  you are old. What we need to remember, is, as we age, we owe the next generation, and need to share the values we were raised with. Things like respect, and empathy. We need to instill in them a solid value system. The ten commandments is a good start. I respectfully ask each of you to look at your life, and ask yourself – Am I getting old? Or just feeling that  way?

Good thing the test was made up, for I was getting worried.

Be blessed, today and

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