A week or so ago, my lovely wife and I took a road trip to Omaha to visit my son and his family - especially my grandson :). I was familiar with the route, and didn't need directions. But, as we got closer, I plugged in the GPS to help me find the motel we would stay at.  As we drove merrily along, having a great conversation about our plans for the week, the 'lady in the dash - I call her Shiela - instructed us to exit and go to the right. We did.  I had a vague feeling something wasn't quite right, but what the heck, Shiela knows what she's doing, right? Well... Several miles and a few confusing turns later, we find ourselves on a dirt road somewhere, we think, in Kansas..or was it Missouri? At this point, I pulled out the old torn up atlas and found our way.

Our christian walk is a lot like this little story.  We sail along, thinking we know where we are headed ,but we let the world grab us up and lead us down a path headed to disaster. Until we ignore the confusing directions, and pick up a map (bible) and look for the true way, we will remain lost.
Don't depend on wordly directions, go to the source and walk a straight path.

Lord, be with us and guide us every step of every day. Let us be deaf to the directions that will lead us astray. Let us focus on the truth of your word to be our map and plan for living. Amen

Until next time, God Bless you!
4/27/2012 01:33:51 pm

Keep these posts coming. They are always so inspirational


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